Message From Principal

Shaping young, impressionable minds is one of life’s biggest challenges. At Budding Bloom Experimental School, Baramulla, we aim to empower our students to grow as individuals with strong open discerning minds with an international perspective, preparing them to make a mark in the global village - the world has come to be today. Our distinctive academic programmmes and innovative teaching methodologies encourage students to develop critical-thinking and learn through enquiry and reason, to exchange thoughts and ideas, to develop key personal and social values and to set goals to realize their own unique potential. The School by deepening a sense of Character, Conscience, Talent and Courage seeks to work for the transformation of the complete person. We strive to provide an environment that is basically sacred, and has a framework of discipline that is flexible yet supportive that allows students to learn even from their mistakes. The practical experience of learning enables our children to leave our school daily with either something in their hand, something in their mind and especially something in their heart.We value igniting the spark of creativity and curiosity in our students.

Mr. Baseer Tawheedi

Principal, Budding Bloom Experimental School , Baramulla.